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Current Sermon Series:
The Beautiful, Messy Bride of Christ

The word "church" conveys all kinds of messages.  Some hear the word, and recoil: it smacks of hypocrisy, legalism, and irrelevance. Even those on the "inside" wrestle at times with the inconsistencies and questionable behavior or apparent motives of those in attendance.  If that sounds like a modern evaluation only, the book of 1 Corinthians dispels that assumption. 


Paul takes an honest, straightforward look at a local congregation in all of its brokenness, confronting them in their sin but also presenting the beautiful picture of a Savior who died to make them holy.  We hope you can join us as we unpack the challenge, the wisdom, and the inspiration of this letter to the church universal - and to our particular gathering of the beautiful, messy bride of Christ.