What You Can Expect on Sunday

We realize you might be curious about what you might expect from a typical Sunday service at Redeemer. So here are some details that we hope will give you more insights as you consider joining us this week:

Each week, we follow an Order of Worship and here's an example of a typical one, though it looks a little different from week to week:


Songs of Praise

Greeting Time


Prayer & Scripture Reading



Response and Reflection



Because we believe in celebrating how God has brought so many different nationalities and cultures together in our midst, that may mean that on any given Sunday, someone might sing, pray or read a passage of Scripture in their native tongue as well as in English. In doing so, our goal is to create space where the Gospel is accessible to everyone in our local community!

We do not ascribe to one style of music, such as “traditional” vs. “contemporary.” Instead, we believe that both have an important place in the modern worship service! To that end, here is an example of songs we sang during a recent Sunday service:

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms | Message of the Cross | Build My Life | Holy, Holy, Holy

Other elements that may be present during a service include time-tested traditions such as a communal recitation of The Lord’s Prayer or our Confession of Faith (The Apostle’s Creed). We also occasionally include Redeemer’s own unique customs, such as Stories of Grace, which is a time set aside each month for members to celebrate in community how they have seen God at work in their lives recently. 

Cultivate community before and after the services

You can also join us before the service for complimentary coffee in the kitchen and meet some of our members beforehand! The service will begin promptly at 10:30am and usually lasts until about 12:00 noon. We also host a community lunch following the service on first Sunday of each month, which we would love to invite you to join, as well!