Sermon Series: Living By Faith

Hebrews 11 is a virtual "who's who" of the Old Testament! Nineteen times the author begins with, "By faith ____," inserting a person's name (or a group of people) to demonstrate what it looks like to live by faith. Those included in the list certainly seem extraordinary, but as we unpack their lives one by one, we will discover that, in fact, they were very much people just like us, living an ordinary existence given extraordinary meaning because of the object of their faith: the God who speaks and creates. Their trust in God became the foundation for a life of faith, lived out in whatever context they happened to find themselves, standing as witnesses to the life of faith to which we are called as well. We hope you can join us as we journey through this chapter of unlikely heroes and remember the One who is the author and perfecter of our own faith, Christ himself.